Exclusive product distribution 9/2020

On September 7th, 2020, HOPNHAT MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Vietnam) and IGLOOHOME PTE LTD (Singapore) signed an important cooperation agreement to promote the development of IGLOOHOME Brand in Vietnam market.

According to the agreement, Hop Nhat will undertake the current authorized dealer system and become the exclusive distributor of smart key products of Igloohome brand in Vietnam market. With the advantage of being an experienced company in the service of construction and installation of light electrical system (ELV), smart home application (HAS) …, both sides believe that this undertaking of Hop Nhat will bring Igloohome to new heights and expand the scale of the Igloohome brand.

In addition, Hop Nhat has officially become the exclusive distributor of the UK-branded BasIP doorbell system with many branches all over the world since June 19, 2020 in Vietnam, also in the Smart home app which helps increase safety for homeowners. On the other hand, it assists homeowners to monitor the house remotely whenever visitors come through the camera of the doorbell system with real-time images and easy management access via the dashboard or smartphone app.

Besides, Hop Nhat is also the exclusive distributor of digital TV-related equipment (CATV, MATV) and Ethernet TV (IPTV) of Axing – Switzerland and professional audio system of EM Acoustics – UK on high-powered loudspeakers, amplifiers for karaoke, conferences, seminars, events, weddings, bars, discos and music stages.

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