Video Door Phone System

A video door phone system is a great security feature for your homes. It is a standalone intercom system that is used to manage calls that come up at the entrance of a building or a home. It enables a person sitting indoors to know who is outside the door and if they wish, they can engage in a conversation and decide whether or not to let the person in. If you are away, the system can transfer the calls to your handheld device and you can also decide to open the door remotely for your loved ones to come in and continue with your works outside. It works in conjunction with the audio and visual communications that happen between the indoor and outdoor environment, with infrared lights support at night.

Today with advanced technology, the video door phone system allow to integrate with access control system, elevator system, allowing you to control the elevator remotely, control floor access of tenants and visitors, improving the safety of apartments.

Video door phone system usually includes devices such as indoor monitors, door cameras or door bells, lobby call panel, guard monitor, module integrated with elevator, POE switches, software and application for IOS and Android.

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