Tel & Data System

Today’s guest at a hotel arrives with an average of three devices: Laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. Guests expect to feel at home in their hotel. Mobility devices and computers used simultaneously (restaurant, gym room, etc.). Data use has become increasingly varied and complex: Online gaming, video streaming, social media, etc. Storage not on the device but “in the cloud” needing constant access to the internet. Gigabit Ethernet at the access point, 10G in the core network for the largest hotel properties, and the latest IEEE Wi-Fi standard (802.11ac wave 2) should be considered.

The hospitality industry is a high-value target for hackers. Therefore hotel’s IT Manager need to balance between ease of access for guests with appropriate security.

HOPNHAT provides network solution from basic L2 including stacking, bandwidth 10/100/100, 10G uplinks, basic routing, IPv4, IPv6, copper & fiber cable infrastructure to advanced L2-L3 solution with more features such as virtual chassis, advanced routing, IPv4, IPv6, VRF to high end modular switch for bandwidth upto 10G/40G…VoIP and IP end point equipments are also provided by Hop Nhat in total hotel solution to customer, help the guest can make free IP call, IP conference easily thru internet. Rainbow software from Alcatel-lucent helps guest can set the meeting from outlook, web app will be installed easily in the mobile device, integrated with VoIP, video & file sharing everywhere.

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