Axing is Swiss company, is a manufacturer in traditional digital television and IPTV. Axing products always state of art and quality.

Axing IPTV solutions are available in 3 different packages such as basic-line, premium-line and exclusive-line. Axing brings benefits at a glance such as

  • Easy editing of the content
  • Design in corporate identity
  • Preset the TV channels (FTA or Pay TV) for your customers and filter them by language or category
  • Create advertisements in your guest‘s language
  • Integrate your restaurant services
  • Send messages to your guests
  • RSS feeds, weather info, flight schedules and many more
  • Digital Signage

Axing unifies IPTV and digital signage into one system which can adjust templates to combine images, widgets information and LiveTV (videos) on one screen.

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