Hoist & Truss System

Any professional show must need the professional stage sound and lighting system. However the truss and hoist system is also very necessary to hang the suitable light and speaker. It helps us to install and operate easier. Even if there are some truss and hoist can be programming to move to bring better effect in sound and lighting to make the stage more professional and interesting.

On the other hands at hotel ballroom and professional stage normally the ceiling height is too high around 6m to 10m, so the fixed installation is quite difficult for repairing and maintenance and not nice for ballroom’s decoration also. Electric projection screen is also not high enough to hang up and down will not correct position as be required from operator. The stage background screen is also arranged to move to the stage ASAP after one show or in the show. Because of that hoist system will be needed, there are many types of hoist to suitable with weight of equipment used.

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