Access Control System

Today the access control is widely used because of safety and manpower savings. Access control system operates on the principle of magnetic lock and is always locked. Normally, the door is always locked to prevent illegal access as well as freedom of travel, everyone is granted the only access card by the management (can be proximity card, mifare card, SIO card, Bluetooth), pin code, fingerprint, face recognition. They use this authorized access to authenticate with the system to access the door control zones. The access information will be recorded into the system through connected readers and archives to the computer.

Because of the safety and savings of the access control system, today it is often used to integrate this system with other systems such as the video door phone system, the elevator system, the door lock system in the lobby, CCTV system to increase safety and utility for tenants living in apartments. Through mobile access card will activate access by bluetooth technology, we can help customers improve their services at apartments by allowing tenants to invite their loved one and friends by sending access mobile card via mobile phones, using and install applications on IOS and Android to be able to access areas allowed with certain time

In hotel & resort segment, Bluetooth technology also allows customers to book room at hotels and receive remote mobile access cards instead of having to register at the reception desk. The system allows integration with hotel management software (PMS), IPTV system, RCU room control system to make more convenience to the customers to self-declare via card reader at the counter with their cell phones. When registering to stay at the hotel, allow guests to use the phone to open the room and enjoy the services and facilities at the hotel.

Usually an access control system includes computers, software, main controller, door controllers, door locks, emergency buttons, cards, card readers, elevator integration modules.

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