Parking Guidance System

Today in the big city areas, the rapid rise of high-rise buildings, offices, shopping centers, even subway stations and airports, under which space for day parking become more important and necessary. The appearance of a smart parking guidance system can help you:

  • Shorter waiting time at car park entrance.
  • Guided to nearest available parking space
  • No need to search, less stressful, reduce carbon footprint, less exhaust pollution.
  • Saves fuels and tires wear out
  • Gains precious time, to shop or dine
  • Improve the image of building and owner as being high-tech and support green effort.
  • Total control of car park, 100% 100% visual information of every parking lot no need to be on site.
  • Faster turnaround of cars to increase in parking revenue

A parking guidance system includes:

Vehicle locator detector: it can be an ultrasonic or camera to detect vehicle locator.

LED Lamp: There are 3 colors including Red shows “occupied parking”, Blue shows “reserved parking” for disabled persons or VIP or events, Green shows “available parking”.

LED display: It is used to display direction, the right turn directions, left turn directions, go straight directions and number of available lots. Besides it also helps to display number of parking lots in total or separately for each area.

Controller: to control all detectors, LED lamps, LED displays.

Management software: to manage, statics reports, reserve for VIP or events, can be programmed to control each area.

Vehicle locator Kiosk: In case the detector is camera, the system can allow search exact location of vehicle thru Kiosk located at exit of parking area.

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