Room Control Unit

A luxury hotel and resort besides the amenities of architecture, interior and service, the information technology facilities are also quite important to bring the most satisfied, comfortable and safe for customers. The customer can register to check in remotely via the application page installed on the smartphone, when the customer to the hotel & resort does not need to wait and register at receptionist that he/she can check in by flicking the phone at the Bluetooth reader at reception area. When he/she goes to the room, he/she can use the same way to open the door, when the door has just opened the welcome mode is activated as the light is turned on, IPTV is turned on, the curtains are opened, the air conditioner is turned on. The customer can control the devices in the room through switches located in the most suitable positions in the room, the bedside control panel and handheld device. The RCU system was fully integrated so that customers can adjust to dimmer lighting, air conditioning, humidity, curtains, sound systems, IPTV,…

When the customers leave the room normally the air conditioning, ventilation, lights and television systems are still turned on. This causes waste of energy and money. HOPNHAT uses presence sensors, door contact to automatically detect an empty room to adjust the scene in the room when the guest goes out and quickly restore the settings immediately after the guest comes back.

The RCU solutions help customers have the most comfortable and good experience staying at hotel & resort while the hotel management will operate more efficiently and more saving.

Basically the RCU system includes devices such as room controllers connected to the central controller and integrated with PMS via TCP / IP, control modules integrated with room the room facilities such as lights, HVAC, curtains,…. switches (can be touch or push buttons depending on hotel’s requirements), DC power, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, presence sensor, bedside control panel, door bell.

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